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Wendy Conrad Official Site
Wendy Conrad

Latest News

~ TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012 ~ 7 - 9:30 P.M. ~
~~ J.C. & Friends Songwriter Serenade ~~
~ @ Matt Denny's Ale House ~ 145 E. Huntington Dr. ~
~~ Arcadia, CA 91006 ~~ (626) 462-0250 ~~ ~~
~~~ Hope to see you there! ~~~

~ SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2012 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica : Fifth Anniversary Edition~
~~ To benefit ~ Grassroots Acoustica Foundation ~~
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
Mark Islam & Friends ~~ Debra Dobkin, Dudley Saunders
Edward Tree, Eliot Popkin, Eric Ahlberg, Jane Bolduc
Lauren Adams, Marc Francoeur, Mark Pocket Goldberg
Richard Rique Patire, Steve Smith, Wendy Conrad

~ SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2012 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica #55: One Degree to Edward Tree ~
~~ To benefit ~ Tree People ~~
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
FEATURED PERFORMERS ~ Edward Tree, Alan O'Day, David Serby
Ben Carr, Amilia K Spicer, Brad Colerick, Dave Fraser, Jane
Bolduc, Ernest Troost, Jeff Kossack, Kevin Fisher, Lisa O'Kane
Wendy Conrad, Jane Bolduc, Karen Tobin, Mark Pocket Goldberg
Marty Axelrod, Nicole Gordon, Severin Browne, John Stowers,
& master of ceremonies Mark Islam!
This will be a fun night! It'd be great to see you there!

~ TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2011 ~ 7 - 9:30 P.M. ~
~~ J.C. & Friends Songwriter Serenade ~~
~ @ Matt Denny's Ale House ~ 145 E. Huntington Dr. ~
~~ Arcadia, CA 91006 ~~ (626) 462-0250 ~~ ~~
~ Ramekega ~ Wendy Conrad ~ Richard Shaluly ~ Sabrina & Craig
~~~ & J.C. Hyke - Host ~~~ Hope to see you there!!! ~~~

~ SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2011 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica ~ 4 Year Anniversary Show!!!
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
~ to benefit Children of the Night ~
Eddie Cunningham, Karen Tobin, Edward Tree, Carol McArthur
Garry Corman, Dudley Saunders, Lisa Nemzo, Byron Pfeifer
Wendy Conrad, Mark Islam with Eliot Popkin, Steve Smith

235 Hill Street., Santa Monica, CA ~ DOORS OPEN 1:45p.m.
Held in the very cool hall of the Church in Ocean Park
Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band ~ Robert Morgan Fisher
and in-the-round with Ed Tree, Wendy Conrad & David Serby
A Great time! Show is free, but donations are most welcome
and very much appreciated! Would love to see you there!
For info:

~ SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 2011 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica: One Degree To Edward Tree
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
~ to benefit Circle of Care Foundation Grossman Burn Center ~
Featuring: Ben Carr, Brad Colerick, David Serby, Jeff Kossack
John Stowers, Karen Tobin, Kevin Fisher, Lisa O'Kane
Mare Lennon, Severin Browne, and Wendy Conrad
resident artist Byron Pfeifer~ Master of Ceremonies Mark Islam

~ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2010 ~ 7 - 10 p.m.
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
Grassroots Acoustica Foundation ~ Mark Islam & Friends,
Ben Carr, Byron Pfeifer, Dean Dobbins, Dudley Saunders, Edward
Tree, Eliot Popkin, Jane Bolduc, Jeff Kossack, Karen Tobin
Trent Walker, Wendy Conrad ~~ Hope to see you there!!

~ SATURDAY, JULY 10, 2010 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica #37: 3rd Anniversary Edition
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
~ Host: Mark Islam ~ to benefit Children of the Night ~
artist-in-residence Byron Pfeifer ~ Featuring: Alan O'Day
~ Jane Bolduc ~ Mare Lennon ~ Jimmy Yessian ~ Jeff Kossack ~
Rosemary Butler ~ Wendy Conrad ~ T'Lark ~ Dudley Saunders

~ SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 2010 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica #34: Boulder To Birmingham Edition
A Tribute To Emmylou - to benefit MS Walk 2010
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
Albert Lee & Alex Lee, Lauren Adams, Randy Sacks, Rique
Wendy Conrad, Debra Davis, Paul Zollo,Lisa Johnson, Bliss
Mare Lennon, Nicole Gordon, Lisa Turner, Marc Francoeur
Lisa O'Kane, Jeff Kossack, Dudley Saunders, Byron Pfeifer
& Mark Islam perform the timeless classics of Emmylou Harris!

~ SATURDAY, JANUARY 9, 2010 ~ 7 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica #31: One Degree to Edward Tree ~ at
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
SONGWRITER/PERFORMERS ~ Edward Tree, Alan O'Day, David Serby
Wendy Conrad, Jane Bolduc, Robin Pearl, Karen Tobin, Ben Carr
John Stowers, Byron Pfeifer & master of ceremonies Mark Islam!
This will be a fun night! It'd be great to see you there!

~ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 ~ 3 - 10 P.M. ~
Grassroots Acoustica #27: Western Beat Reunion Edition ~ at
Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291, 310.450.6052
Edward Tree,James Grey,Jeff Kossack, Jimmy Muffin,John Stowers
Karen Tobin, Kenny Edwards, Leslie Brenner, Lisa O'Kane, Lois
Blaisch,Merrily Weeber,Naked To The World,Reeva Hunter
Wendy Conrad, Wendy Waldman, Warren Sellers, Tom & Byron
& master of ceremonies Mark Islam

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10th ~ CLUB 705 (in the Ardmore Restaurant)
Jodi Siegel/Alfred Johnson Songwriter Night 7:30 ~ 10:30 P.M.
705 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 372-9705
(on the corner of PCH and Pier Ave)~ No Cover ~ Great Food!

Saturday, May 2nd ~ THE JUKE JOINT GANG
an evening of acoustic roots music ~ 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.
at The Talking Stick - 1411c Lincoln Blvd. - Venice, CA 90291
more show details to follow shortly ~

Also on the horizon ~ Upcoming shows in July & September!

"No Thanks To You" Conrad's new single keeps moving up the charts!
#29 AC40 Main Chart/NMW! ~ #20 AC/HotAC & Top40 Indie Charts/NMW!
* * # 15* IMN Top30 Countdown!! ~ # 55* Top 100 Chart/NMW! * *
~*~ Top100 Chart/FMQB! ~&~ Available Now @ Apple iTunes ~*~

~~~ Some reviews...--
"Radio is thrilled to have Wendy Conrad back in action. 'No Thanks
To You' (Taurmini) is the track to watch for and there are some
very impressive 'most added' numbers to look at as she hits the
mark with this brilliant offering." -- Larry Weir, Inside AC Radio
"I was also thrilled to see that Wendy Conrad is back on the radio
again. Her new single is 'No Thanks To You' (Taurmini) and it's
excellent." -- Jon Hudson, Inside College Radio, NEW MUSIC WEEKLY
"Wendy Conrad is the 'one to watch' with 'No Thanks To You'."
-- IMN

~~~ And reactions...--
"Now that is what I'm talking about!!!! I downloaded new single
today and I lovelovelove it! Great work!" - Mark Islam (Grassroots
"I love this song! I'm playing it over and over again-gain-gain-...!
I must look like a crazy person right now sitting in my cubicle
bopping my head and playing air drums to this great beat. How could
you not?" - Susie Propst (University of Toyota/Lexus)

"No Thanks To You" is also available for mp3 download at
~~ The Direct Route to take you there -->

** Reviewer there gave 5 stars with this to say about it --
"Another excellent gem of a song by the sultry voiced Wendy Conrad!
She truly is one of the finest singer/songwriters in L.A..." ~~

Recorded with Grammy Award-winning Tom Weir, who owns and runs
Studio City Sound, Conrad says, "...the recording sessions were
the Best...! Not only was I awed by the amazing talent of Tom
and every A-team musician who played on it, they were also amazing
to work with...and a lot of fun! Add to that the U47 mic in Tom's
studio...which elevates singing to a whole new level...I was

** The debut single “I Can Leave” from Conrad’s 2nd CD release “MORE”
hit #1 on the AC40 Main Chart for New Music Weekly after 15 Weeks!!!
~~ & was # 1* on the AC30 Indie Chart/NMW for 6 Weeks!! ~~

*** And at Week 15, her follow-up single “Just Like You” ***
hit “# 1* AC30 Indie Chart”/NMW!, “# 2* AC40 Main Chart”/NMW!!

**NEW! There is now a Direct Link to download Wendy Conrad's music
from Apple iTunes at:

MUSIC CONNECTION Newsstand Edition #20: Sep 24-Oct 7, 2007
in Dan Kimpel's SongBiz column:
"There were good vibes at "Grassroots Acoustica#3" at Synergy Cafe
& Lounge in Culver City. The busking efforts of Wendy Conrad, Jane
Bolduc, Beth Wimmer, Mark Luna, Tom & Byron, and Kevin Fisher
brought in $388 in audience donations to Project Angel Food..."

“Just Like You” debuted at #17 on RPEM-FM Playlist SPAIN chart
at Radio Palafrugell for Reporting Week 7/31 to 8/7/07!!!

**NEW! There are now Direct Links to download Wendy Conrad's music
from Apple iTunes at: ("More")
and: (for "Ghosts That Aren't Mine")

And latest news on “To Be ...once in New York City”, Conrad's film
featuring the “To Be” soundtrack from her "MORE"'s now ready
and one step closer to preview! -- we'll keep you posted!

~~ 2006 New Music Awards! at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, CA! ~~
* ~ Wendy was nominated in Best New AC/Hot AC Artist category! ~ *
** BIG Thanks! to everyone who voted!! **

** Now Available at Apple iTunes!! **

2006 interview with Conrad was featured in Pause & Play the music site that made “2006 Best Of The Web” list in Entertainment Weekly Magazine and named one of EW's '100 Websites to Bookmark Now!' Link to archived interview at --

“Wendy Conrad is making a big mark at AC40 radio. It's all thanks to her smash hit single 'I Can Leave' (Taurmini). She is keeping the heat on the competition... You go girl!” -- NEW MUSIC WEEKLY

More about “MORE”!! --
“I love this CD! You know some CDs you like several of the cuts, or a couple…or one. I like every song. It’s beautiful! Hit Songs -- #1, #3, #4, #7, #9!” -- Marilyn Lennon Braverman, filmmaker

"Wendy Conrad's a fabulous songwriter and her interpretation is refreshingly natural and quite soothing to the ear as well as heart. I played a cut ('To Be') yesterday on my show." -- James Tengan, "Insight" (9pm to 1am), Love FM (Tokyo, Japan)

“Your new CD just sounds great! I will start playing it in my show tomorrow and I'll start with the song 'On The Right Road Now'!" -- Ray Pieters, "Somewhere Between" (Belgium)

“A firm dose of Americana, emphasized firmly by the easy rocking 'I Can Leave'!”-- ROOTSTIME

“Upon hearing Wendy Conrad's sterling sophomore release, the aptly titled 'More', three words come to mind..."chanteuse", "classic" and "pure". Conrad is a singer/songwriter of uncommonly rare honesty and beauty.”-- Jef Fazekas (CD Baby)

“Wendy Conrad is one of my favorite singer/songwriters and with her new release “More” she continues moving forward writing and singing in her own unique musical and lyrical style. And it sounds great!” -- Dave Merenda, Grammy-winning songwriter (Sarah McLachlan, Kenny Rogers)

Some of the best musicians in L.A. joined Wendy in the studio to record on “More”, her follow-up album of 10 original songs -- Edward Tree on acoustic & electric guitars and bass (Spencer Davis); Debra Dobkin on percussion (Bonnie Raitt); Jorgen Ingmar on drums; Skip Edwards on keyboards and accordion (Dwight Yoakum); Tom Corbett on mandolin (John McEuen); Simeon Pillich on upright bass; Craig Eastman on fiddle & banjo; David Zasloff on shakuhachi flute; and Richard Dodd on cello.
** Now available at Apple iTunes! “More” & “Ghosts That Aren't Mine” **

"No Thanks To You" ~ Conrad's single release is now at Apple iTunes!!!
and also available at


Thanks for all of your wonderful support!!



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Super 8Wendy’s photo show at Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo was a big success!  The collection of black & white super-8 photographs, from 1985 film she shot throughout L.A., received raves from all in attendance, with one collector purchasing personal favorite “…feather on Olvera Street” to add to his own art collection!

As she plans to continue showing her photographs, Conrad has been adding selected works to her catalog from super-8 film she shot in New York City in 1986.

For more information:
(310) 487-1300 or contact

more info