Wendy Conrad

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“‘Ghosts That Aren’t Mine’ is an outstanding tribute to the basic core of independent music. Any fan of roots music will find this album a “must have” for the collection.”  -- Independent Songwriter

“Singer/songwriter of all the tracks, Wendy Conrad emerges in brilliant fashion with this autumn-toned album. Wendy is a classic singer, a la Kate Wolf, between folk and rock, a gifted writer and also a very good vocalist. …her songs speak of everyday life, the little moments, of autumn-tinged watercolors, with a touch of melancholy and a lot of poetry. The personal singer/songwriter style of this album tells us of a new artist we can count on in the future.” – Buscadero (Italy)

“I’m usually not that much of a folk fan, but this CD really made me listen, relax and enjoy. California singer/songwriter Wendy Conrad has a beautiful voice and her musicians perform a tasteful acoustic Folk-Country mélange.” – Blue Suede News

“California Country may not sound promising but this talented singer/songwriter delivers the goods. Stone Pony’s Ronstadt meets Tish Hinojosa and then some. Highly recommended.” – Hobo Records (U.K.)

“Excellent album!” – Rik James – KGLT, Bozeman, MT.

“What a great sound – country/Americana – whatever they want to call it – it kicks!” – Laney Goodman – WUMB, “Women in Music with Laney Goodman”  Boston, MA.

“‘Ghosts That Aren’t Mine’ is the premiere album for singer-songwriter Wendy Conrad. This doesn’t sound like a freshman effort. There’s a certain quality in her voice that exudes experience, as if she’s been recording albums for years. Whether it’s the echoing melody of “Murphy Has a Law”, the infectious chorus of impossible in “Love Like Ours” or the longing in “Remember”, each song has a subtext of hope. While each song is deserving of compliments, “Colorado” is hands-down the best on the album. Every note, every syllable has a purpose in this song. This is definitely a mellow album loaded with talent that requires attention.” — C. Nathan Coyle -- Rambles Magazine 

“A great voice…nicely produced.” – Otto Bost – WDIY, Allentown, PA.  

“Well-crafted, well-performed songs…”  -- Folk Roots Magazine (U.K.)

“‘Ghosts That Aren’t Mine’, packaged in rock & roll, was indeed a pleasant surprise for this folk DJ.” – Amy Jeffries – WTRC, Hartford, CT.

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