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A San Francisco, California native, Wendy Conrad and her family spent a good part of her youth moving – first from San Francisco, across country to Chicago; then back to San Francisco, and again across country to Pennsylvania; then turn around, back to San Francisco, and again across country, this time for nine years to a rural suburb outside of D.C. -- Rockville, Maryland. After which, it was back across country to Southern California -- first San Diego, then all over Los Angeles, and now El Segundo -- where, aside from 1-1/2 years in Nashville, TN, she has lived since. Wendy found that she thrived on the distinct change of season and/or scenery that marked each move, along with the distinctly varied circumstances and eclectic mixes of people from all walks of life…all influences that have found their way into the songs she writes and plays on guitar.

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It was shortly after the L.A. riots in 1992 that, with encouragement from a close friend, Wendy took the challenge to see if she could compose music, at first just to set some of her poetry and lyrics to. She’d been writing both since childhood and, though she’d convinced herself she couldn’t write music, was surprised to discover writing music was something that came naturally to her. And so in the summer of 1993, desperately needing a change of scenery, she packed up her car with her two cats, guitar and her 3-song demo, and drove across country to Nashville, TN. It was during her next year-and-a-half living there that she wrote numerous songs, recording them on her 8-track Tascam recorder, then making cold-calls, actually getting meetings with some of the top publishers in Nashville. And they encouraged her to keep writing, telling her she was on the right track. So she set her sights on learning all she could about the craft, anything to help herself write better songs, and hit showcase after showcase to hear some of the best singer-songerwriters out there, always meeting other songwriters along the way doing the same.

In the fall of 1994, Wendy relocated from Nashville, TN back to the L.A. area where she kept writing new songs. And she took a performance class to help herself overcome her stage fright, as she was beginning to perform regularly at premiere songwriter showcases in L.A. at venues including Highland Grounds, Luna Park, Borders Books & Music, Hallenbeck’s, and Genghis Cohen, sharing the bill with such artists as Spencer Davis, Teresa James, and Dillon O’Brien.

It was around that time Wendy began recording her debut CD “Ghosts That Aren’t Mine”, which she co-produced with veteran Edward Tree (Corey Stevens). It received rave reviews and went on to get airplay throughout the U.S. and overseas. Of her debut CD it was noted, “Wendy Conrad emerges in brilliant fashion with this autumn-toned album. The personal singer/songwriter style of this album tells us of a new artist we can count on in the future.” – Buscadero

The future may have taken a few years to get to, but Wendy Conrad is back with “More”, a collection of 10 original songs she wrote, drawing on life experiences that are sure to find universal appeal.